Hangs during installation


I’m trying to install openSUSE 11.0 at my HP NC6400, with the installation at a DVD-RW. The copying of files runs fine, but the whole computer hangs though after restart when it’s going to configure everything. Some standard “something loads [some space] [OK]” appears, then the screen goes black and it leaves the CPU at full load (according to the fan).

What could be the problem :slight_smile: I’m some newbie at RPM-based systems, and maybe even more when it comes to Linux. Kubuntu works fine though…

Thanks in advance

The problem may be a problem with the video driver. That laptop comes with either Intel or ATI integrated graphics. Try installing with an 800x600 resolution or in text mode (you change this on the installation menu with one of the F keys, I don’t remember which). Later we can get the right video driver installed and working.

Well, the funny thing is that everything “should” work fine, according to the compability list at HCL/Laptops/HP - openSUSE … but I’ll make a try


Take a look at that list again. The first remark links to a howto for installing the ATI driver. There is another howto here:

ATI - openSUSE