hang up during neetwork configuration

I am a newbie to Linux and have just installed my first Open Suse 11.0.
I have a Compaq CQ50 105AU Notebook computer and have just installed the Open SUSE 11.0 on it. the graphics adapter driver I could down load from the net and configure, however, when I try to open the network configuration panel, the system hangs up and I cant access the anything. only thing that is possible now is a cold reboot.
If I try to access the YaST and try to update the system, the same thing happens again.
My system has a Atheros wireless adapter, which was creating problems during the install, so I had configured the install by the cmd line by ‘brokenmodules=ath5k’. the Install worked well thereafter but the network remains a problem. The other network adapter (ethernet) through which I access the internet in the Windows environment is a NVidia Nforce 10/100/1000 MBps network card.

Please help

If it boots and works directly after the install, add the necessary repos and get the required updates.
The wired network should work.
Do a search for om the forum for the atheros wireless network drivers.

Thanx so much, will try immediately, however, what is repo? and I cant connect to the net thru the Open SUSe, will the driver down load work?