Gwenview Printing

I’m been running KDE/Tumbleweed on my desktop and laptop for quite a while now. I noticed about a month ago on both machines that I can’t print photos from gwenview anymore (I don’t print photos that often so it may have been broke for a while). When I select Plugins > Images > both Print Images and Print assistant are greyed out. I’ve compared installed packages against a Leap 42.3 install where I can print. It seems I have the same packages installed except version.

user@n1250:~> zypper se gwenview

 Loading repository data...
 Reading installed packages...

 S  | Name           | Summary                            | Type       
 i+ | Gwenview       | Image Viewer                       | application
 i+ | gwenview5      | Image Viewer for KDE               | package    
 i  | gwenview5-lang | Translations for package gwenview5 | package

user@n1250:~> zypper se kipi

 Loading repository data...
 Reading installed packages...

 S  | Name                   | Summary                                    | Type   
 i+ | kipi-plugins           | KDE Plug-Ins for Image Manipulation        | package
    | kipi-plugins-debuginfo | Debug information for package kipi-plugins | package
 i+ | kipi-plugins-lang      | Translations for package digikam           | package
 i  | libKF5Kipi32_0_0       | KDE Image Plug-In Interface                | package
 i  | libkipi-data           | KDE Image Plug-In Interface - data files   | package
    | libkipi-devel          | KDE Image Plugin Interface                 | package

All KDE/QT packages are from the main oss repository.

So am I missing a package or is this a new KDE feature? - I can print from GIMP.



Gwenview – File > Print

Have you tried printing from Digikam, which uses the kipi-plugins?

@eng-int Thanks for the ideas.

In gwenview using the: file > print function does work, but offers no control of the picture size. - It fills the page.

In Digikam there is a new tool that does open a print assistant: Tools > Print Creator… which does provide tools to print various picture sizes. So it seems that the kipi-plugins are installed and working. Just not in gwenview.

I’ll file a bug report soon, and report the number here.


Bug report.

As it turned out, this only seems to happen when you open the menu the first time (i.e. when the plugins are loaded).
The menu entries are greyed out even if pictures are selected.

Changing the selection (e.g. selecting a different file, or an additional one) seems to fix the broken state though, and it works as expected afterwards (i.e. the entries are only greyed out if no files are selected).