Gwenview Ctrl-Mousewheel doesn't zoom

Until i upgraded to leap 42.3, <ctrl> mouse wheel would zoom the image in Gwenview.
It is not the case any more. The magnifying glass does appear when pressing <ctrl> but wheeling would not zoom the image.

Can someone duplicate this behaviour?

(leap 42.3, gwenview 17.04.2)

Works OK on a 42.3 system here. Ctrl + Wheel zooms as expected.

Plasma 5.8.7
Frameworks 5.32.0
Qt 5.6.2

Gwenview 17.04.2-1.5

Try with a new user to see if the problem persists.

Tried a different user -> problem persists.
Tried on a Lenovo X1 with same software release -> works as expected.
I’m always having weird effects with plasma on my 4 Monitors connected to 2 Geforce GTX560Ti cards but with suse 13.x it was somewhat manageable.
I think i will live with it unless someone wo really knows the innards of X, QT, Plasma has a hint where to look.
I would donate problems much worse than that as a reward :wink: