[Guide] Radeon AMD legacy on 13.1

Since amd droped support for hd 234xxx cards installing amd drivers is getting more and more bigger issue.
I have searched long time for repo to downgrade xorg and install fglrx on suse.
All other distros had workable solutions (arch/manjaro/mint/chakra).
When i google “opensuse 12.3/13.1 fglrx legacy” all i saw was people asking for directions on how to procede.
The only answer i was getting was “use open source driver”.
I do not finde that acceptable.
Opensource driver sucks big time for me(90% fps loss).
Even minecraft is barelly playable(with latest kernel/mesa) at ~25 everything low.

However i’m not here to complain, i instead want to help people overcome this problem.
Since i made automated script for downgrade xorg to 12.3 and patching kernel.
Note: I recommend you install this on fresh system to avoid potential problems.

Release i tested this:
-Fresh KDE 13.1 install updated to latest packages x64 - No problems

There are probably some bugs so don’t use it if you don’t know how to reinstall/recover!
Again use fresh install to avoid problems!
Gnome will most likely not work with this so stick to KDE/Xfce/LXDE/WM!
You can find my script here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s0pk5e5fxpi3d71/amdlegacy131.tar.gz
Or if you want do everything manualy, a guide:http://pastebin.com/yip8NaX4

About “issues” of downgrading to xorg:
I am running on downgraded since amd droped support and all distros switched to xorg 1.13.
Since then i never had any gpu/x/graphichs/software issues on KDE.
There are people misguiding other preople there will be “problems” if they downgrade xorg.
This is absolutely not, chances some app/game will not work are: 00.00001%

I have updated the build script to fix for 32 bit.
Also i have tested script on minimal 32/64 install.
No problems have been found so far.

Aditionaly i have extracted xorg 12.2 and built the drivers and made yum repo.
I’m curently hosting it on bytehost cuz its free.
If someone wants to host it would be awesome.
Copy of repo can be found here: Dropbox - Error - Simplify your life

If you want to install drivers/xorg from it you can use following commands:

Add repository

sudo zypper repoadd -t yum http://hyperfang8.byethost32.com/xorg123-suse/ xorg123-suse

Downgrade xorg:

sudo zypper install xorg-x11-server-7.6_1.12.3

Answer the prompt with “downgrade” (should be #1)!

And then install fglrx
for 32bit system:

sudo zypper isntall fglrx_xpic_SUSE121

for 64 bit system:

sudo zypper isntall fglrx64_xpic_SUSE121

After that just lock xorg so it doesn’t get upgraded:

sudo zypper addlock xorg-x11-server
sudo zypper addlock xorg*
sudo zypper addlock xf86*