Guide for installing Tumbleweed without formatting /home

Is there a guide for doing this? I’m familiar with the installer’s partitioning plan with all the sublevels and a fat partition for /boot, but I was wondering if there was a way to tell the installer not to format /home?

Or is copying a backup of /home to a new install the same thing? Will it save things like firewall settings?

No, firewall settings are in root partition (under /etc).

When your /home is on a separate file system, you simply do not change there anything (so on the last screen of the installer before the installation really starts, double check that nothing is done to the partition where the /home file system is on, except that it is registered for mounting). When it is not on a separate file system, your have to restore from backup.

Thank you.

As well as earlier on in the YaST Partitioner part…