GUI problem with Suse Linux

hi Guys,
Am very new to Linux OS… This is my first experience with Linux.
I have installed linux suse 10 in my was working fine… suddenly after 3 days,(i was changing some options of the already installed linux) when i login, i am getting only command interface and GUI is not coming… I ran Gnome command also… still its throwing an error…

could you people help me out with this?

Thanks for the help in advance…

If running SLED (SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) or SLES (SuSE Linux Enterprise Server), then those are supported by Novell, and they have a separate forum for that. If running the old SuSE-10.0 (but not the SLED/SLES version) then that version is no longer supported. Most users on this support openSUSE (and not SLED/SLES), although there are some SLED/SLES users who visit our forum, and “grace us” with the benefit of their experience and knowledge.

Often when the behaviour you encountered happens, it occurs due to a software update, such as the kernel being updated, and the graphic drivers not being compatible with the new kernel version. The fix for that is typically install new graphic drivers, or rebuild the graphic drivers. The SLED/SLES Novell forums should have info on that.

I did have this happen once to my wife’s SuSE partition, when she failed to empty the trash on her partition, and her hard drive filled up. Only root could log in to an ascii prompt. So we cleaned up some space on her hard drive, and she was able to boot to the GUI (X window), and then empty her trash. But given you have a new install, it is highly unlikely this happened to you.

I am more suspicious of a kernel update.

This is a quote from an old wiki – some of us here remember it:

Title: What To Do If You Lose The Gui

If you cannot access the gui for any reason,e.g. kernel update, failed driver install, etc., follow these instructions & you will soon be up & running with a nice warm gui.

1 ) When the boot selection appears, select failsafe, let it load until the command prompt appears.
2 ) At the prompt, login with your username & password.
3 ) Once logged in type su at the prompt & press enter.
4 ) At the password prompt enter your root password & press enter.
You now have temporary root permissions.
5 ) At the prompt type


& let it load. You can now reconfigure your graphics.
6 ) Once you have tested & saved your new configuration you will be back at the prompt. Type exit & press enter.
You will be back in normal user mode.
7 ) To test your gui type


& press enter. You should now be in gui land.

If the above fails, follow the steps up to step 4.
After step 4
1 ) Type

sax2 -m 0=vesa

( where 0 is a number not a letter ) and press enter.
This should give you basic graphics when you next log in.
From there you can go to yast ->hardware ->graphics card & monitor & set up your card there…

If that also fails, follow the steps up to step 4. Then at the prompt type

sax2 -a

and this will automatically try to set up your graphics.

If that fails,follow the steps up to step 4, then at the prompt type

sax2 -l

which will give you low res graphics when you next login.

If all this fails try man sax2 at the prompt for an in-depth guide to commands in sax.

credits: deltaflyer