GUI for qemu?

I remember that once upon a time i had installed qemulator on a linux distro (not suse?), is nowdays a similar application installable at openSUSE13.1 ?
I tried to install aqemu but i get the message “An error occurred while attempting to subscribe to the required repositories” from YaST,maybe my connection is unstable.

And secondly does somebody have an idea where to find clients of the 80"s and early 90"s(commodore,amiga,atari,and so on).
Feel free to suggest any “exotic” O.S.


Commodore 64 (and PET, VIC etc):

FS-UAE: (Click openSUSE to the right)

For Amiga you will need to acquire kick.rom for 1.3, 2.0, 3.x from somewhere.

For QEmu you’re better off using the Virtualization tools that you can install from YAST (KVM) - I think it was called Install Hypervisor and Tools in YAST’s Control Panel under KDE.

I am just nostalgic about what my old commodore128 was looking.Glorious 8/16-bit era.
For atari i found this link
you probably know about it allready;)

A GUI is also virt-manager.

i | virt-manager                    | Paket | 0.9.5-6.1.3                | x86_64 | openSUSE-13.1-Oss