GS (Ghostscript) process keeps hanging

I use Tumbleweed (fully updated) with the KDE desktop and its programs. Sometimes, not always, when I open a PDF the GS process is started causing the usage of the CPU to go high which in turn makes the fan spin as loud as possible.
After closing the PDF, GS and the fan keep running. Only after killing the process do I see the CPU usage go down and I also hear the fan spinning down.
I read GS stands for Ghostscript and is an Adobe program. Do I really need it or can I uninstall this? (I am not so fond of Adobe software, this is one example why not).

If all you want to do, is to open a PDF file and read it, the default with KDE is Okular … open the PDF with Okular and see how it goes.

With what?

Sorry, I did not write that but that is what happens, PDF’s are opened with Okular and with some of then Ghostscript is started automatically as well resulting in high CPU uses.

I just ran Okular thru -strace- and checked the log. I see 3 calls to ghostscript for font info and that’s it. It never used any significant CPU usage at all.

a) Does this happen with all PDF files?

b) Is the PDF that’s causing trouble - is it publicly available? I thought I’d download it and test for comparison.

Where did you read this? Ghostscript ( has nothing todo with Adobe.
The company behind Ghostscript is Artifex (
Ghostscript is nearly used everywhere, when it comes to PDF (creation, viewing and so on).

I’m wondering if this pdf is really a mis-labled postscript file. , would be interesting to open the file is a text editor and check what it really is.

Sorry, my mistake. I seemed to remember from the old days when I was still using Windows that Ghostscript belonged to Adobe and was part of the Acrobat programs but I am wrong, this is not the case.
I have just opened a bunch of PDF files on my computer and not one makes the CPU to go high in usage. I don’t remember which file it was so I can’t tell you.
As I wrote it is not always the case, it happens with some files. I will keep looking and when I find a file (and I can send it because of the contents) I will do that.
Thanks for al the answers.