Grub2 theme change

I want to change grub theme. I found 2 themes on KDE store:

There is an experimental package grub-customizer from opensuse software. Is it safe to install?

Are these themes are suitable for opensuse? I do not want to mess my grub configuration.

No one will answer?

Maybe no one here is familiar with Grub theming. The only theming I’ve done in Grub2 is disable graphical and set the colors to white on blue.

Assuming it’s a normal grub theme, then I would download and extract it to a sub directory below:


and then use YaST to select the theme:

YaST -> Boot Loader -> Kernel Parameters -> Console theme

Note though; I’ve not tried to see if it works, but if I intended to change the theme that’s how I would go about it.

As @mrmazda said, perhaps most users on here don’t change their grub theme…

I don’t change it. I see the grub theme for such a tiny fraction of my time, that it does not seem worth the effort.