GRUB loading - incompatible license

Hi all,

Some time ago, I have upgraded from Opensuse 12.3 to 13.2 and via network connection and everything went smoothly.
As usual, I was doing proposed updates to the system when they we arrived.
Probably two weeks ago I have done a regular proposed update and after that when I try to boot I get the following message:

GRUB loading.
Welcome to GRUB!
incompatible license
Aborted. Press any key to exit.

When I hit enter I get
Reboot and Select proper Boot Device
or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key

In the BIOS the boot order is such that it tries to boot from the hard disk first.

Any suggestions how to fix this issue. Has the update corrupted the Master Boot Block?


It probably indicates that some grub module is corrupted. I have seen similar symptoms when using /boot on journalled filesystem (ext4) when it was not cleanly unmounted. Booting live CD and mounting filesystem “fixed” it apparently by replaying filesystem journal.

EFI or MBR boot? If EFI maybe turn secure boot off