GRUB Issue

My apologies if what’s below appears to be a rant.

Updated a boatload last night (994 files?), and this morning’s boot found that TW’s updated Grub had lost track of my other installed distributions. :OFortunately, I’ve stumbled around enough in TW to properly guess how to recreate Grub, but this is not an insignificant error. My spouse, for example, would have had a minor heart attack if this was on her laptop.

I suppose this should be expected, being a rolling release, but the non-triviality of the error makes me question TW’s testing. And, despite the otherwise rock-solid stability I’ve encountered since I installed it about a week ago, I think I best to rethink installing TW on my spouse’s system.:\

What makes this look like a rant, is that you give almost no useful information.

I gather that grub still works, but you cannot boot other systems. It is not clear whether the menu entries for other systems fail to work, or the menu entries are missing. It is also unclear on whether this is legacy grub, grub2, or grub2-efi.

I’m currently updating Tumbleweed (on a different computer). I do note that both “grub2” and “grub2-efi” are being update. So I’m expecting it to be re-installed as part of the update. After I’ve finished the update, I’ll see whether I have any additional comments.

I should add that the sustem that I am updating us a UEFI box, so using grub2-efi. When I’ve finished that, I’ll update my laptop with legacy MBR booting and “grub2”. The updates will take a while, because I have “texlive” installed, and that is being update (many updated packages).

Points taken. Again, my apologies.

  1. Grub worked, but Neon & Maui entries were no where to be found. However, after taking the proper steps in Yast to recreate the menu, Neon & Maui returned.

  2. This is potentially a UEFI system, but I boot using bios.

  3. An install of only a week ago, it uses grub2.

Hope that is useful.

After my update, grub2 is still working fine.

The latest update included an update to grub2 and a new kernel. So grub2 should have been reinstalled. And then “grub2-mkconfig” should have been run to generate the menu entries.

I’m not sure what went wrong in your case.

If some of those linux versions are installed in an LVM or use encryption, then “grub2-mkconfig” might not add them to the menu unless the appropriate file systems are accessible at the time.

That’s good to hear. It doesn’t help me understand where I erred, but the problem may well be system specific.