Grub fails to load since last dup

I have an NVMe drive on a USB3.0/3.1 enclosure that has an EFI TW installation.

I did a dup a few minutes ago and during reboot, it was completely stuck on “awaiting from WPA protocol” and eventually shut down. I can no longer boot from it.

I am intending to rescue it using a flash drive with LEAP 15.2 installation media but what could cause grub to fail to load?

I doubt that “awaiting from WPA protocol” has anything to do with grub.

You are probably getting past where grub is involved. The kernel has probably loaded, and something is then failing in system startup.

I thought so too. I was able to rescue the system simply by using “boot from hard drive” option with the rescue USB stick, but it’s still strange how the GRUB EFI entry was not being able to be loaded by my UEFI.

I think the smallest guess that I can think of is that maybe the secure boot certification was not set because I shut the computer down prematurely.

If your rescue USB stick is using UEFI, then it used the certificate on the shim on that rescue stick to boot your system.