Graphics issue with new Leap 15.4 install

I have a new install on a new computer. During the install process when it restarted the machine, it would start to come up and then shutdown again after a couple of seconds. I did that a few times but it didn’t look like the install was progressing any further. I finally got it to come up in a crippled graphics mode of 1024x768. I can’t change that in the display settings so I think that the wrong driver installed.

I ran inxi -Gxx device-1: Intel Raptor Lake-S UHD Graphics
vendor: Gigabyte
driver: N/A

I will attach a screenshot if that works on this forum. If not, there is more information from inxi -Gxx that might be helpful that I can add later. This is a brand new i9 with integrated graphics.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Dave Miller

Anyone have any things I should try? It seems like maybe no driver is getting installed. This Raptor Lake processor uses the same driver as the Alder Lake as far as I can tell, but maybe since it is pretty new, the installer didn’t install the driver? I’m not sure what to check or try at this point. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

@az10sbum looks like it’s running the modesetting driver, Leap 15.4 kernel is too old…

Leap 15.4
/sbin/modinfo i915 | grep A780
<no output>
uname -a
Linux t-kglh3 5.14.21-150400.24.38-default #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Fri Dec 9 09:29:22 UTC 2022 (e9c5676) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

/sbin/modinfo  i915 | grep A780
alias:          pci:v00008086d0000A780sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
uname -a
Linux grover 6.1.8-1-default #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Tue Jan 24 06:29:25 UTC 2023 (baebfe0) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

See No HDMI support on Intel IRIS XE Graphics for some more information

I was able to install the version 6 backport kernel. When it boots, I see two lines of error messages at the top of the screen, and then it reboots and repeats. How can I see what those two lines say? When I boot the backport kernel in recovery mode, I see lots of lines of text scroll by and then it goes blank and reboots.


I suggest to first download the Tumbleweed NET installation .iso to see if it boots to the installer. If yes, try the same thing with the latest 15.5alpha .iso. Raptor Lake is a 2022 technology, too new for an unmodified 15.4. If the BP kernel isn’t enough, then you probably need the whole graphics stack, so you might as well choose 15.5 if it works, TW if not. Very possibly the the 15.5 developers could use whatever logs you can collect to maximize likelihood of good Raptor Lake support when 15.5 goes gold.

Leap is a late spring release with an early in year version and hardware support cutoff. For 15.5, I think that happened yesterday. If hardware isn’t released in the prior year, or very early in the release year, it’s too new for the newest official Leap release.

If you want to try to patch up what you already have, try booting by appending nomodeset to the default Grub stanza’s linu line instead of selecting recovery mode if recovery mode isn’t working. If there’s a failsafe stanza to try, try it. What we hope to find is that boot is possible at all via simple generic graphics, and if so, to then access the journal of a prior normal boot attempt to see what clues may be present among its messages. It you can boot at all, make sure directory /var/log/journal/ exists to support the persistent journal. Black sceen doesn’t necessarily indicate failed boot. Very often it’s just console & desktop I/O broken, and logs can be acquired via remote login, if that was configured successfully during installation, and you have something to use for remote login.

There’s a linu line option used independently of nomodeset you could try with the 6.1 kernel: i915.force_probe=a780.

Please describe how you’d installed OS and this backport kernel.
Which kernel parameter “preempt=” you’re using? Supposedly “preempt=none” is better for ordinary usage.
For test purposes boot OS to command prompt by adding kernel parameter ‘3’ - single digit without quotation marks.
To use iGPU you’ll need new Mesa 3D from X11:XOrg repo, which is available for Leap only now after my bug report
Maybe you’ll need full repo vendor change to get all used stuff from X11:XOrg repo.

To avoid these steps you may install supported discrete graphics card and use it, and disable iGPU.

To get newer inxi install it from Utilities repo:

zypper addrepo
zypper refresh
zypper install inxi

Then use
inxi -aGz
inxi -aFz

IMHO 6.1 kernel is new enough, and this parameter is not needed.

Or you can get the current version from upstream by following the simple instruction from the source. Once inxi is installed, it will update itself when run with its -U switch. The version increments often, on a rough average interval of 6-8 weeks, so another is due before long. Recent history: 2022-12-10 3.3.24, 3.3.23 2022-10-31, 3.3.22 2022-10-08, 3.3.21 2022-08-22, 3.3.20 2022-07-27, 3.3.19 2022-06-16, 3.3.18 2022-06-13, 3.3.17 2022-06-10, 3.3.16 2022-05-19 (last prior to Leap 15.4, which still includes 3.3.07).

@Svyatko, so to summarize your response and bug, 15.4 users of Iris Xe graphics cannot have properly functioning graphics without enabling repositories/X11:/XOrg/openSUSE_Leap_15.4 and upgrading Mesa to 22.3?

@mrmazda the -U switch works with the Leap 15.4 version…

This is true. :slight_smile: Enabled is the upstream default, which many other distros disable via their /etc/inxi.conf (e.g. Debian, *buntu, Mint, and probably all the many Debian derivatives).

It depends on Iris Xe version.

ILL Mesa 22.2 is OK for Raptor Lake.
Alder Lake & older may use default Mesa 21.2.4 from Main repo with kernel parameter.

For AMD user can install parts of Mesa 22.3.0 with
Possibly user can install Intel drivers.