Graphics card defect? Bad contact? Power? Driver?


I have a new graphics card (Gigabyte GT1030) and I’m getting odd behaviour. Can you advise how I can localise the fault.

On boot, the BIOS & GRUB graphics come up, and sometimes OS Tumbleweed starts fine, but at other times I get corrupted & unusable graphics: text (tty) login is inset from the left and extends off the bottom of the visible screen; graphics has a changing line of dots across the top and the graphic image is small (approx 1/4 screen) & offset - X11 doesn’t start.

Is this likely to be a card defect (so I should send the card back), driver, power supply or something else?

How can I distinguish between the possible causes?


What driver?? did you install the NVIDIA driver?

The Nouveau driver … it’s exactly as OS “chose”.

You may need the NVIDIA driver to support that card.

The Gigabyte Technology specifications state that, for your graphics card, a Power Supply Unit of at least 300 W is needed.

  • Is your PSU at least 500 W or more?
    You’ll have to add up the power consumption of everything on your system – the CPU may well need at least 100 W, plus the memory, plus the Mainboard, plus the disks – then add a margin of at least 20 % above that – at the end of the day, you may well need a 600 W PSU …