Graphical front ends fo SANE

There doesn’t seem to be many of these about and I am surprised that no one seems to have worked up from Xsane. I tried to install gscan2pdf from the software search but it had dependency problems related to perl. No obvious solution to that? Looking at it’s requirements a number of things are missing according to YAST so installing from source would be a bit of a problem as well.

Maybe there are others about as well however it would be nice to know what repo’s gscan… needs.


Which missing perl modules? If required and missing, you could probably obtain from the languages:perl:devel repo?

zypper ar -f -g -n "repo-devel:languages:perl" repo-devel:languages:perl

zypper -vv in

The vv option will tell you what is coming from which repo…

Thanks Malcolm. I added the perl repo to my yast repo’s and used the one click install on the software download. Lots of bits and pieces were installed.

Initial impressions are that it gives better results and having ocr built in may prove useful.


Hi John
Just a heads up, I’ve pushed it to the Publishing repo, so not it GNOME:Apps anymore. Hopefully if I can work through the perl modules required (21) and get it all into factory it may turn up in 42.3…