Graphic wacom gui plasma 5 kde 5 support

Want to set the buttons on my cintiq pencil to shortcut keys.
Is there a wacom gui which works on plasma 5 and kde 5.7.8.

Sure, wacomtablet has been ported to Plasma5 and a beta version has been released a few days ago:

I’m currently working on updating the kcm_tablet package in KDE:Extra (which is still kdelibs4 based)…
Somebody else is packaging it already, if you don’t want to wait for that:
(it’s the version 2.9.82)

and kde 5.7.8.

There’s nothing like that.

First, KDE is a community, it doesn’t have a version. :wink:
Second, I know of no product released by KDE that has the version 5.7.8.
Maybe you mean Plasma 5.8.7?


Is there a way to run the Wacom Tablet control daemon at startup when I login to xfce session?
The only I can do is to issue the command kcmshell5 kcmkded in terminal and from there start the daemon.
I need this to map my wacom to my first monitor. I search the net on a direct command to start the daemon but no success.

In xfce I have a script to map the wacom tablet on my first monitor at boot but the problem the
xinput id from time to time is changing the wacom id number.

The kcmshell5 kcm_wacomtablet is nice also that’s why I prefer using it in xfce.

Many thanks in advance.

The daemon is kded5.

It gets autostarted if some application needs it, but that won’t help you in this case of course.
But you should be able to run it in some startup file. I don’t use XFCE though, so cannot tell you the best way to run it on login.
The standard methods should apply though, e.g. in .xinitrc or via a .desktop file in .config/autostart/.

Thanks wolfi:good: