Gramps 5.1.4?

I understand from the gramps (genealogy software) forum that version 5.1.4 is now available. However, not even version 5.1.3 has been released in the main Leap 15.3 repository. Does this mean that gramps releases are being discontinued under Leap? What alternative should I pursue?


Looking at the overview of the Gramps packages – <> – it seems that, version 5.1.3 is available for Tumbleweed and, for Leap 15.x version 5.1.3 is available from the “GNOME:Apps” repository – <>.

[HR][/HR]Bottom line –

  1. Gramps hasn’t been removed from the openSUSE repositories.
  2. Gramps version 5.1.4 was released two days ago on Tuesday the 27th of July – it normally takes a few days for a new version to be built and checked with OpenQA before it can be offered in the openSUSE repositories …

Thanks. That was the info I was missing. The forum news of Gramps 5.1.4 is somewhat older, so I was expecting to see something in our repos sooner. Also the GNOME Apps repo had not been carried over when I upgraded to Leap 15.3, so it wasn’t showing up in my YaST updates.

openSUSE Leap will not update any package to a newer Version in the lifetime of the Leap Version, only update and backported patches if necessary (some package will be upgraded to newer Version because of the changing their update policity such as firefox and so on…)
So the only gramps package in Leap 15.3 is version 4.2.8

You can only switch to another Version by using the OBS as shown…

Thanks for the clarification. I don’t really understand this situation because gramps version 5 has been in use for years now, but it was not included even with Leap 15.2. That is not a complaint, because I am quite happy to get it from Gnome:Apps

I have just downloaded Gramps 5.1.3 from