GPU Upgrade

Its been quite a few years since I have upgraded my GPU. Actually the card I have GTX 260 was a fairly high end card at the time. I am not gamer now so my performance requirements have gone down a lot. At the same time I would like a bit of a performance boost with the upgrade since the desktop itself seems to be getting a bit more demanding these days too. Something that is going to able to support Wayland would be good since that seems to be the thing these days.

I have been in the Nvidia camp forever, but I have noticed the RX 550 which seems to be a pretty good price point. Any opinions on this for an average desktop user.

Looking at the state of the drivers, the AMD open source story seems to be a bit better. But then again as long as I can easily install the Nvidia blob its not been a huge problem. I have also noticed that the Nvidia driver installation is looking a bit better now as long as your not using a legacy card like I am. :frowning:

I am interested in hearing others experiences which might help guide my purchasing decision.