GPS Sensor Problem

The GPS sensor isn’t working on OpenSUSE. I know I have one because on Windows 11 with VPN on if I go to and click “Show my location” it shows it correctly with location permissions. On OpenSUSE when I go to without VPN if I click the “Show my location” button It shows a location about a half mile away. Tested with Google Maps too. So is there any way to at least find my GPS sensor model so I can find any drivers for it.
My computer is a HP-dw3xxx. Any response will be appriciated. Thanks in advance :).

The “show my location” is based on your IP and is provided by your browser and not by a real GPS sensor.,may%20not%20be%20able%20to.

I searched a bit for HP-dw3xxx. Seems to be a laptop. Laptops do not normally have GPS devices. You have the system, thus you should have the specifications. Does it mention having GPS capability?

I couldn’t find anything about GPS on Windows but then again why would Windows give the correct location. It was spot on where I was

Other OS, other privacy settings, other browser, other IP, on Windows you are using VPN on linux not, … thats the reason for other location. Different OS use different mechanisms to determine your position. See the different results for your IP adress location and browser geolocation here:
These two positions are 70 km apart from each other in my case (and both away from my actual position).

No I mean that If Windows were to use IP to determine position then the VPN would change it but that was not the case. On Windows both VPN and non-VPN test gave the same location. On OpenSUSE however the location was completely based of of IP. Oh yeah and just to mention on Windows when I was sitting on my balcony OSM showed that within 2 meters of accuracy.

As already said…

Please be not stubborn. All of those try to guess using your IP address. No GPS involved at all. You system does not have a GPS.

But why is Windows showing within 2 meters of accuracy? So then can you please implement a better way of guessing position becuase this one’s half a mile off.

Linux systems don’t collect a vast amount af data about their users as Microsoft is doing. If you would use a search machine yourself you could find in a glimps which data of their users Microsoft is (ab)using to determine their position.

Oh I get it now. Thanks for your help guys :).

Likely using wifi hotspot locations as well…

Search for npm

cnf npm

Use the command


that might work

On Ubuntu it is also working. Creating new thread as the title of this one is now misleading.