GpG keys in Leap 15.5 - Evolution/Command Line incompatibility

Faily inexperienced so not sure if this is a bug or intentional operation, but trying to follow instructions online to create GpG keys in Evolution - which all indicate key creation can be done in either Seahorse or command line according to preference - it seems obvious to me that in Leap 15.5 (Gnome desktop) at least, you can’t create them on the command line and get them seen in Evolution (or even the file manager to do a simple encrypt).

Quite simply, the home folder for keys created on the command line is /root/.gnupg and the home folder for keys created in Seahorse is /home/yourusername/.gnupg and so any keys created on the command line - which I’ve done with no problem and are still there, along with keys created in Seahorse in their alternative folder - simply are not seen in Evolution. Evolution does see the keys I’ve created in Seahorse which went into the /home/yoursusername/.gnupg folder. Both lots of keys exist but using the gpg command line only queries those in the /root folder, not those created with Seahorse in the /home/yourusername folder.

This seems weird to me, and maybe there is an expert way around it, but surely Seahorse and the command line should use the same keys and folders?

Note that it’s not a gpg/gpg2 issue as using either command on the command line points to the same underlying app.

So, is this a bug, or for reasons I can’t think of, an intentional difference (even though all the instructions I’ve seen online state that you can create the keys on command line and use them into Evolution in a straightforward way - but you can’t).

And what is the reason you create keys as root and not as your own user?

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Hi, I was simply logged in the command line as root when I created the keys. Thank you very much - you’ve answered and solved my question. As I said, I’m inexperienced and I’ve learnt something here.