gparted / formatting sdhc cards

Ive been having an issue with using gparted to create the filsystem on my sdhc cards. (Note I know how to do it by command line, which is what ive been doing to get by)

Gparted always errors upon trying to create the filesystem and the reason appears to be the device/partition name it tries to use. Gparted uses something like mmcclk0part1, where the system has is as mmcclk0p1. The key i think is part1 vs p1.

Anyone know a way to fix this?

Partitioning and file system creation are 2 different steps. With gparted, you typically create the partitions only. Are you talking about mount points also?

the problem is creating the filesystem, gparted issues the command along the lines of:
mkfs.ext2 -L “” mccblk0part1

If i look at the actual device names its mccblk0 and mccblk0p1. I do the same command as gparted with “p1” and it works. It basically fails because it cant find the “part1”.

(Note the actual names/paths above might be spelled wrong, im going off memory)

I have never used any GUI front-end for partitioning/file system creation (except at the time of installation). fdisk and mkfs are easy to use.

Anyway, since you have solved the issue with CLI, you may log a bug report for gparted.