Google - grrrrrr

Firefox 27.0 openSUSE 13.1

Not sure if you have taken a look at Google News lately but I find the new interface confusing. Click on a heading will cause a new tab to open. Fair enough. But a right click in the same heading now causes a drop down list of sub headings to appear. This is on top of the default Firefox action to show a right click menu. So we have both. Have you come across this ? It does not seem right somehow.

Also found the default Google search action not user friendly anymore. Here we start typing a search in the middle of the page only to have it jump to the top LH corner during the process, something I find abnormal. I do not like this design. It is a dog. Google you are off the rails.

You can disable the “auto jumping” by disabling instant results in the settings.
“Never Show Instant Results”

Bang, fixed.

Thanks, that helped somewhat. However my other concerns remain.

I don’t get a sub menu on right click but I’m using Chromium (I never used Google News so perhaps there’s something I’m not getting) - perhaps it’s a bug?

Also if you click “Headlines” button you can choose from 4 different modes - perhaps Classic is what you want? ( ? )

My main issue with web news is the user demand is demanding mainly more tabloid news items. I used to regard news on the web as a slightly more serious version of TV news, and enabled me to remain true to my nature of not watching TV more than 15 minutes a day, but now even web news is becoming dull to me. Neil Postman warned us about misuse of technology, perhaps he was 50 years ahead of his time because web news used to be driven by what was in the actual press, but now it is what drives the press as more and more true news organizations die off from lack of revenue. Soon essays written in HS English class will be a series of 140 character paragraphs.

Good tip - trying this also.

This applies to a lot of news in general. Tabloid rules. Good news organizations continue to emerge, but some are subscription. Or at least those with any depth are. One that I like costs $180us for the year. I have not joined as yet. Despite the number of organizations dispensing news it is surprising how many are saying the same thing. Independent thought and independent journalism are scarce.