google chrome on 13.2

Anyone know why google chrome will not install on suse 13.2 ???

It does install, use zypper to install it
sudo zypper in <path-to-google-chrome.rpm>
or see this long thread on adding google as a repository

you can add google’s rpm’s as a repository and install chrome with zypper or yast.
For a 64bit OS do

sudo zypper ar google
sudo zypper in google-chrome-stable

for 32 bit you need to add this URI

sudo zypper ar google
sudo zypper in  google-chrome-stable 

Ok, using “google-chrome-stable” WORKED, but first it gave this error, below, which I Ignored with an “i” response.
google-chrome-stable-44.0.2403.157-1.x86_64(google-chrome): Signature verification failed [4-Signatures public key is not available]
Here is the text of my repo:

about the error it’s a security feature, to install googl’s signing key so you don’t get that warning do this
download the key


then install it

sudo rpm --import

you’ve already installed it, this can be of use when and if you update it with apper

Thanks a lot.