Good weather applet

I am looking for a good weather applet for my desktop. I am running opensuse 11 with kde 4.0 and a ppc processor.

The one in 4.0. is broken
In 4.1 it is fine

Other than that you will need to use superkaramba

I don’t know if this will fit your definition of ‘good’ but it is the only plasmoid for weather that I know about, and it fits my needs.

I think you could probably install the Liquid Weather karamba applet with plasma too, if that is more to your liking.

I am using it. Sometime ago it stop updating the weather forecast but there is a patch in the gdesklets site to make it work.

Just install gdesklets and download the goodweather applet and your good to go

Hope this helps

Gee, I wouldn’t mind an applet to make the weather good. :wink:

Ok, ok I’ll go away now.

Yeah it is nice to always have a good weather that’s why goodweather is the applet to go:p:rolleyes:

I grew tired of weather applets eventually and started using the forcastfox add-on in Firefox…never looked back.

harryc56 is right
I use the applet just for aesthetics to desktop
I always have the xfce weather update on the right side of the upper xfce-panel and it is more than enough:)

Thanks for the pointer. Installed and it’s very nice. Previously I used LiquidWeather in SuperKarumba. This works better.

Same. Works perfectly well.

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Thanks for the tip.
I like it! :smiley:

Hi All,

Does GoodWeather work with openSuSE11.0?

I’ve used Forecastfox forever. I love those gDesklets. I like to clutter my Desktop. LOL!

Yes it is:)

forecastfox had some major problems with memory leaks in the not so distant past, i wonder if they have been fixed…
meh, i actually prefer the applet on my desktop, not in my browser…

Hi All,

I had tried to d/l the patch, but is disappeared. It seems the Site is no longer available.

Does anyone have the URL?

This is the site | Desktop Eyecandy

See the patch at the bottom which is this

Applet is not working for a week, i thing.
HOWTO: Fix GoodWeather feeds 	Posted by: seandiggity on 2008-07-16 20:06:51
Edit line 41 of ~/.gdesklets/Sensors/GoodWeather/ and change: ∏=xoap& to: ∏=xoap&link=xoap& Similar fixes apply for all the desklets/screenlets out there that rely upon 

Turn on your editor’s number and scroll to line 41


When it comes to weather applets… Does anyone know, how are things going with LiquidWeather? AFAIK it doesn’t work with KDE4. But is it going to work? Or perhaps there is any way to make it work? :slight_smile:

A really sharp weather applet is the ClearWeather screenlet. Have never had a problem with it. You can read about Screenlets and get the 1-click installer here: Screenlets - Desktop applications, widgets and screen addons for openSUSE | SUSE & openSUSE


Thanks for that. I’ve got the Weather Screenlet running well.

A couple of questions - I’m not able to change the Themes. I’m not sure where to dial down into my file directory to load different ones. The config manager doesn’t show as was on the link that you sent.

Also, I’ve got plenty of gDesklets going, and can make sure that they start on boot by adding them to Sessions. What command are you using?

As you can see - I love my eye candy, and I run all those cool compizFusion effects. Gawd, I love Linux!](