GNUCash hangs for 5-10 seconds on close after update 11-5-2022

If you use GNUCash and you’ve noticed after a recent update that it takes a while to close and hangs the Plasma taskbar for a few seconds I found a “fix.” You can either click on all the open windows (within GNUCash) and then close the application or you can close and reopen the windows (within GNUCash) and the problem disappears. Hope this helps.

Oh dear, this doesn’t just happen with GNUCash. Many other apps are suffering the same affliction. Any ideas why closing an app would hang the Plasma taskbar?

Is this s a solution or just a by-pass?

BTW you story is a bit confusing. Only at the very end it seems that you use KDE/Plasma.

I said in the first sentence that I use (used) Plasma. In GNUCash it’s a hack. I couldn’t fix any of the other apps so I switched to Gnome and all is good.