Gnu grub starts in terminal

Hello everyone! I’m new to Linux and I have a problem on my openSUSE tumbleweed laptop. When I boot into system I always have a grub menu with "minimal bash-like editing supported"I can exit it. Grub starts before openSUSE menu, where I can choose snapshot. How to disable it??

How exactly are you doing it (what command or keys do you type)?

I just type “exit”

Are you using EFI or legacy BIOS?

I use BIOS

It sounds like you have grub on multiple disks and when you exit the first one, BIOS will boot from another disk. Run (as root) the GitHub - arvidjaar/bootinfoscript and upload RESULTS.txt to

But I have only one disk and one OS. I use laptop

You do not use legacy BIOS:

/dev/nvme0n1p1   /boot/efi                vfat       (rw,relatime,fmask=0022,dmask=0022,codepage=437,iocharset=iso8859-1,shortname=mixed,utf8,errors=remount-ro)

Nor did you run the script as root.

Post full output of

efibootmgr -v

I ran the script as root.efibootmgr gives an error

I think it is an error to report an error without reporting any details :wink:

Please post the command with the complete (error) output you get.

Use full path /usr/sbin/efibootmgr

i really dont know what ubuntu is doing here i changed my os many times(about 2-3 times per months when i discovered linux for me) and ubuntu was my first after Windows

The Ubuntu entry shouldn’t be the reason for your issue.

But check that there are no leftovers in the /boot/efi/ directory from Ubuntu. If there are any traces left, delete them. After that you can remove the Ubuntu entry from efibootmgr via (as root):

efibootmgr -b 0000 -B

It appears to be the cause of your problem.

Ubuntu shows as the first boot preference. So you system is booting to that, but failing because the Ubuntu install no longer exists. Then it falls back to the second choice and boots openSUSE.

Usually, when you install Tumbleweed, it will make it the first boot choice. But apparently you have a BIOS which ignores that and has its own boot order.

You will need to go into your BIOS settings, and either delete the entry for “ubuntu” or at least change the boot order so that “opensuse-secureboot” is the first in the boot order. Note that line:

BootOrder: 0000,0001

which indicates the boot order. The BIOS settings menu probably has a different way of listing the order.

I haven’t bot option opensuse at all. There’s only Ubuntu

Thank you for your help!I hope it will work… If you don’t mind we will continue tomorrow😴