GNS3 problem: "206-unable to create Linux raw ethernet NIO"

hello guys,

im running opensuse 11.3_x64

im having a problem on configuring access to eth0 interface to permit routers to access internet and virtual networks with vmware and vbox.

the problem is that i can only do that efficiently if i run GNS3 with root, which totally takes control of the files that iv saved. even worst i have to reconfigure all the settings for the root. This is not a best practices, really.

If anyone of you uses GNS3 can you please let me know how can i over come this problem?

thank you

****…not a single soul is able to help me here?

frustration… :\

I’ve never used GNS3 but am quite familiar configuring and managing network interfaces for both physical and virtual networks using VMware products.

Without making me research GNS3, can you thumbnail how it fits in your network, as a separate virtual switching device or installed into a regular VM? - That might at least narrow down whether your problem is GNS3 specific or simply a fairly ordinary virtual network configuration issue.


i mate, thank for being helpful! serious its not easy getting help here!

You can see GNS3 as a virtual emulator for cisco and juniper routers, switces, firewalls, ips, ids. pretty much like vmware oor vbox but regarding to routing and switcing.

the problem is that in GNS3 forums help is right about None, so i had to dig a bit to install it properly on opensuse 11.3_x64 whichh im running.

Now, it is possible through network “bridging” point to vmnet* interfaces or any other interface, including eth0, eth1, etc… physical or virtual/logical interfaces on my machine into GNS3 so i can connect any router to teh real network and extend the capabilities of GNS3.

The problem is that i cannot connect GNS3 to any network interface if i dont run it as root. and here is teh problem because it cant be ran as root or else im not able to save configuration files and topologies whhichh is devastating. Imagine being 3 or more hours or even the whole day configuring Labs in GNS3 to find out that you didnt saved anything at all…

Can you tink of anything that myght help me here mate?

would be very much appreciated mate im against a wall with bill gates pointing a sword to my throght saying: “ow’s it gonna be sucker…winSuck7 or linux?”

if can’t find a solution for this i gonna have to go for wnsuck7 or winsuckxp…which i do not want.