Gnome vs KDE

Is there an advantage of one over the other and can you easily change
back and forth.


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ralphpam wrote:

> Is there an advantage of one over the other and can you easily change
> back and forth.
gee what an original question - here’s an original answer “google”

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“rtfm” responses are pretty lame.

Gnome vs KDE
MySQL vs Postgresql
Brasero vs K3b
FreeBSD vs OpenBSD
Banshee vs Amarok
VLC vs MPlayer

The answer to all your questions about one GNU/Linux piece of software
over another is: 42, but also “it depends on what you want to do, and
what you like”.

The best way to check is to test as many programs as possible before
committing to only one, and then determine whether most of the programs
are on KDE or GNOME. In the end, you can always use KDE programs on
GNOME and vice versa. Software freedom, ftw.


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And the answer to the second half of your question is: yes you can
easily change between them.

Now your next question might be: How?

Step 1: install DEs you want using YaST > Software > software Manager,
then choose Patterns (uper-left), in the list below check the DEs you
want (KDE3, KDE4. GNOME, XFCE) and install.

Step2: usage. At the login screen there is a SessionType menu
(lower-left) which let you choose what you want this time (the one used
last time is the default). Of course you should not have automatic login
on because you then will not have the change to even see the words
Sesstion Type.

Henk van Velden

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oooh nooo not another one?! you could also expand your question to E17
or openbox. just use what you like best!

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