Gnome to KDE

Okay, I’m new to openSUSE so forgive this stupid question.
I first installed with kde4 and was quite happy with it.
During my learning process I mucked evrything up and did a fresh install, but chose Gnome.
I would prefer kde again, so my question is how do I change it.
Can I just select to kde packages from yast (and if so which ones do I need) or is it easier to just install again.

Did you actually un-install it?

If you don’t already have auto login disabled - do it
Disable Auto-Login - openSUSE Forums

Choose kde4 from the login screen. Lower left.

Otherwise do the above then go to:
Software Management and add kde4 base and kde4 desktop from the Patterns

No, you don’t need to re-install the system. Just call Yast and install KDE4 packages. Uninstall Gnome or leave it to be able to choose in future. To switch between the two ones, simply log off and select as caf4926 instructs.

By the way, even if you prefer KDE, you’ll still need some of Gnome (namely, GTK) for certain applications.

Okay thank you all for your help.
I now have kde up and running, which for me feels more stable than gnome, although I know everyone else says different.