Gnome taskbar config

Hello Everybody,

today I wanted to pimp-up my gnome taskbar, so I have right clicked it than selected backgorund image. I have browsed the picture and when I pushed OK I just found myself with the login screen.

I typed my pass and it started to load in my profile but when we reached the gnome panel than I found myself again with the login screen. Basically I cannot login with my user since I set the picture.

After that I logged in with root. Here everything is fine. I typed “top” and I see that the “gnome-panel” is running by my own user and uses 99% of cpu.
I can kill it that is not problem.

My question is that, how can I get back my user profile?
(creating new profile is not solution but workaround :slight_smile: )

Did anybody else meet with the problem?

Any ideas appreciated.


v: 11.1