[gnome] some issues on gnome

the problem is about theming …
i am using dracula theme gtk and on some applications like gnome-settings the theme is not working
( i installed the theme and icons on /usr/share/theme and /usr/share/icons)
as you can see the gnome terminal is working perfectly and the theme is applied …
the thumbleweed logo is not showing in my gnome-settings but in my friend is showing …

do we know what i should to do to fix those theming problem ?

I see the same, just with settings and gnome-shell-extensions dialog windows, there are some other theming issues with gdm as well, might take a few minor releases to sort out…

maybe because the neofetch display the wm theme as adwaita ?


I think it’s the libadwaita on Gnome 42 problem. Many Gnome 42 apps use libadwaita which doesn’t support the old way of theming. It’s possible to theme libadwaita apps but most of the themes haven’t supported it yet.