Gnome software not finding software in added repositories

So if I open the “software” app from Gnome and search for example “nextcloud” it tells me “no application found”. Where if I use the YaST software tool it has no problem finding the apps I’m looking for.

All software repositories are enabled in de Gnome tool so that shouldn’t be the problem, right?

Can someone explain to my why this is happening and/or how to solve this?


GNOME Software works with Applications (in AppStream format) while zypper/YaST works with packages. Not every package provides AppStream metadata to be also recognized as application.

and/or how to solve this?

Someone needs to add necessary metadata to nextcloud package. If you think this is important, you could try to do it.

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GNOME Software relies on packages having an AppData xml file, if this is not present then it won’t show up… likewise if the desktop file has been set to not display…

More info at

This page is five years old. Most certainly the following

we will only be showing applications that include AppData information

is no more true. On TW GNOME Software is showing applications located also in /usr/share/metainfo and most packages provide AppStream metadata instead of AppData.

Ahh yes, but process still the same, if either not present, then won’t show.

Alright, that probably explains it. Learned something today, thanks all!