Gnome Software fails to show available apps, even though the catalog seems to download first.

I am using opensuse leap 15.0 with gnome.
I installed a basic gnome version.
At first gnome software worked normally displaying installed apps and available apps.
Now occasionally it may display them, but most often not.
I have not messed with anything critical or uninstalled anything critical.
I am pretty much an “average” user.
I wonder if there is any way to reset gnome-software?
I have encountered problems with it, in Fedora, CentOS, Debian as well, in CentOS not so much.

Can you be more specific please? When “most often not” what do you see? What do you expect instead / what happens when it “occasionally” works?
Everything seems normal here, GnomeSoftware just takes several seconds to download and digest its data: maybe you have a slow internet connection or a mirror in your area has “most often” problems?

My network is ok.
Gnome-Software occasionally fails to show apps within certain categories and sometimes does not show the available apps at all, only the installed ones.
It is kinda erratic.
Gnome-software in gnome of course.

I’m not sure but you might try the following:

  • open dconf-editor
  • navigate to the /org/gnome/software page
  • reset the “first-run” switch to “ON”
  • restart gnome-software (or better still, logout and login again to restart the gnome shell).