Gnome Main Menu gone

Hey all,

This just happened all of a sudden with no warning: I went to use the main menu (Computer menu) in Gnome and it would not expand or respond to commands. So, I restarted the X-Server through the terminal, and now the main menu is gone, and when I try to add a new one, nothing happens. Any idea on what might cause this, or what could fix it?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Using: OpenSUSE 11.0 /w Gnome 2.22

EDIT: Sorry about this post. A reboot of the entire system seems to have fixed the problem

Again, sorry for the unneeded post.

I’m sorry for the double post, but the same error has occured again.

The main menu has locked up, just out of the blue with no warning or anything.

Does anyone know what may cause this, because restarting every time this happens can become quite fustrating. :frowning:

There’s something called “gnome-web-photo” - look it up in Software Updater. I found that it kept freezing the Gnome Main Menu for me, so I removed it and all has been good since.