gnome-keyring keeps poping up before login

Hi All,
I have recently installed Leap-15.1, on my Dell laptop, with Gnome Desktop. The system is working fine nut there are certain annoying popups coming up even before login. The first one is the ‘keyring login’ popup. It says: ‘Enter password to unlock your login keyring. The login keyring did not get unlocked when you logged in’. But I had not logged in yet. However, after entering the password the rest works ok.
The other popup is the smplayer. It pops up without launching even before i log in.

Shall welcome help in the above issues.



Is there anything for smplayer in ~/.config/autostart/? Are there any kering files in ~/.local/share/keyrings/ if so, move them out of the directory, logout/login and see how that goes.

The other thought is for smplayer is trying to add a tray icon, in Gnome you need to add the extension TopIcons Plus from

Hi Malcolm,

Thanks a lot for a quick advice. Done.

Best Regards