Gnome hangs at shutdown (CIFS)

Hi all

My Gnome (OpenSuse 11.0; Gnome 2.22.1; onboard audio on Nvidia NForce2 mobo) hangs at shutdown at shutting down the sound deamon. I’ve the idea that this has to do with unmounting the CIFS shares of my NAS since it started since i added the automount lines in fstab.
I’ve read online about problems with shutting down CIFS shares Automatically mounting and unmounting Samba/Windows shares with CIFS - Lone Wolves - Web, game, and open source development and a possible solution. This is designed however for Ubuntu.

What to do? This problem does not occur with KDE (tested already)

ok. nevermind. Was not a CIFS issue, but did have to do with my soundcard. Somehow Gnome doesn’t like the taste of my Nvidia chip. Got it configured with the Opensuse sound troubleshouting tips…

case closed.