Gnome/GTK apps missing path to home directory

It’s hard to describe the problem, but whenever I try to chose a file through GTK filechoser the application is missing it unless I type full path to it.

Does anyone had similar experience, how did you manage to solve it?


I had a couple instances where I was trying to open a file, but wanted to change the assigned application. The one that I wanted was not in the list of Properties->Open With, so I added it with Add->Use Custom Application.

In this case, the application was not found unless I typed in the whole path. Is that what you are experiencing?

If so, I solved it by typing in the whole path. :wink: I assume that one can set an environmental variable. Sorry to not be much help, but perhaps the description will jar someone’s memory.

I’m not experiencing miss of the application (although it is somtimes seen with ‘sudo’ command).
I’m having trouble with single files.
Lets say I’ve Skydome.jpg file for Compiz in my home directory. When I chose it through CCSM filechoser I only get the Skydome.jpg filename in the field and there is no effect.
When I type full path: /home/user/Skydome.jpg the file is found and used by Compiz.
This is only problem with GTK apps. KDE/QT are fine.