Gnome goes to permanent sleep

A fresh install of 11.2 with Gnome (all updates applied, only recommended standard repos enabled) turned the screen black after the predefined time of 5 minutes. The screensaver is set to “Blank screen” and screen lock is disabled. The PC did not wake up again and was not ping’able from the outside. The last words in /var/log/messages are:

Feb 15 19:19:38 titus gnomesu-pam-backend: The gnome keyring socket is not owned with the
same credentials as the user login: /tmp/keyring-0ddf3h/socket
Feb 15 19:19:38 titus gnomesu-pam-backend: gkr-pam: couldn’t unlock ‘login’ /keyring: 255
Feb 15 19:34:11 titus rsyslogd: – MARK –

Any ideas how this can be fixed?

gnome-screensaver has been updated yesterday, I guess. I wonder if it is related. You could try to start an application, like Gossip, Empathy, something which requires saving a password and would ask you to create/unlock the keyring.

I seems like this problem got fixed in the latest gnome-screensaver’s security update (version 1973).

zypper info gnome-screensaver reports 2.28.3-0.1.1 installed and up to date. Having a look at /tmp/keyring-0ddf3h/socket shows that the permissions are set to ‘srwxr-xr-x’ for my username and group ‘users’.

However, the problem is not repeatable. Today the screen came back hitting the ‘Alt’ key. Very odd.

if I leave mine to go past the screen saver into sleep I cannot get it back. the computer is on and the power light isnt blinking like it does in Windows sleep, but the monitor is asleep and cant be woken