GNOME Files SMB shares: "Failed to retrieve share list from server: invalid argument"

Hi all,

I am new to openSUSE but not to linux. I installed LEAP 15.4 on my machine today and all works fine other than a weird samba issue I have.

I am not running a samba server (don’t need to share files myself) but I do like to access the files from my Synology NAS. In the file manager of GNOME I can see the NAS in the Other Locations tab but when I click on it I see the error message:

Unable to access location: Failed to retrieve shares list from server: Invalid argument

Nothing else. I was able to access the NAS on this same machine prior to LEAP 15.4 when it was running Fedora 36.

Any idea what the cause of this error message is? This is a fresh install. No packages out of the oridnary. Pure LEAP 15.4.


I have a similar issue on 15.3. Subscribed.

Y’all need to check the SMB version on the remote system is and modify the /etc/smb/smb.conf file to reflect the min version.

For example I have an old NAS and added the following (not tested in awhile!) in the [global] section;

#Added the following to connect to Startech NAS
	client use spnego = no
	client ntlmv2 auth = no
	client min protocol = NT1

The easiest way is to open a terminal and try to connect with the smbclient and add verbosity

smbclient -d 3 -L <ip_address>

What does smbclient report?

smbclient -L <NAS hostname or IP address>

If that checks out, can you browse a share successfully?

smbclient //<NAS hostname or IP address>/<share> -U <username>