Gnome Extensions not working anymore

Hi geekos,

I am just clean installed Leap 15.2 about a week ago (previously on TW as for my daily use). At the beginning all went good and all of sudden these few days my gnome extensions are not working anymore. Tried to enable it from the browser but still didn’t work so far.
Any steps to making it appear again? thanks.

If you fire up Tweak-Tool and look at the extensions section, is the slider at the top on? If so, what extensions are installed?

I hear you on Gnome Extensions. In my experience, OpenSUSE and Gnome Extensions is a chronic problem. Gnome tends to be openSUSE’s red headed stepchild DE.

For example, OpenWeather only works 2 or 3 boots on Leap and TW - then non-responsive (long-term problem), Now since 3.38 Dash To Dock crashes my system on TW, and a host of non-functioning extensions that don’t work.

Btw both of these extensions work great on other Gnome distros.

I bailed out to Solus for the time being where 3.38 works flawlessly.

No issues here with openWeather (do you have an api key?), only one at the moment is the appindicator status one (upstream bug), seems it needs a delay, so the two applications used by it just get manually started after login (hp-toolbox and barrier).

OMG, there it is. My bad for not checking further about tweak tool. I wonder why the slider on top at OFF as in fact it was enable before. Now its okay.

Thank you again rotfl!

AFAIK it could be a bug when an update gets installed, in the web UI it shows up as an error under installed extensions, but a alt+F2 r to restart the shell and a page refresh clears it.