Gnome Bug - Switch to KDE?

Installed 11.1 and shortly afterward, windows under Gnome have been missing exit/minimize/maximize buttons. Changed themes with no luck. At one point the buttons reappeared during a session, upon reboot they were gone again - surely to reappear at random during a session.

I installed 11.1 on my desktop with KDE4 and found that DE is better for my purposes - how can I switch my current Gnome to KDE4 absent a login screen or a reinstall? Surely there’s an easier way, and yes, I have both DE’s installed.


First of all its not a bug in Gnome. It must be some compiz issue.

Press Alt+F2 and type “metacity --replace”. Or if you have set emerald as window decorator type “emerald --replace”

To switch DE’s at login click “Session” at the bottom left of login screen, choose a DE and login.

Appreciate the suggestion.

Did as suggested “metacity -replace”, same issue without close/minimize buttons, and to doublecheck, I’m not running emerald (“emerald -replace” returns an error). I’m reinstalling Compiz as well.

Also, I am not presented with a login screen, it boots directly into Gnome. I’d rather not login, as I’m the only one who uses the laptop.

Under Control Center, I opened Sessions and there’s no KDE4 option - package is fully installed.

I’m also getting another strange boot error - just as it’s about to load the DE, a box opens "Cannot Update ICEauthority File /home/john/ICEauthority.

I’m starting to think a fresh install might be in order. :frowning:

No need to reinstall. It is quite a good idea to have KDE and Gnome installed (just in case one of them gives you troubles). That way you can correct things from a graphical environment if necessary. Some HOWTOs:

Install other DE after installation

KDE Install and Changing Dispay Managers

Thanks, I’ll make note of them, but due to other issues with Gnome, Compiz, root permissions, ICEauthority, etc., not to mention the sudden onset of a “white screen of death” (white screen over Gnome desktop AFTER updating Compiz from openSuse 11.1 repository) I’m doing a fresh install with KDE4. Fortunately I didn’t have much in the way of data on the system, so a new install isn’t painful.

After running both Gnome and KDE, KDE4 strikes me as the most intuitive, configurable and seemingly, more stable than the latest incarnation of Gnome. Being an utter neophyte and all I’m sure I screwed something up, so this’ll teach me a lesson. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.