Gnome 46 Kathmandu has been released!

Since no one has shown much love/interest for the latest Gnome release with a post :smiling_face_with_tear: (unlike KDE), here be the news and discussion for Gnome 46 “Kathmandu”.

Let me know what features you’re looking forward to! :wink:
Personally I’m excited for the one-click location copy :tada::partying_face:

Based on the KDE 6 release → Tumbleweed snapshot timeline, it should take around 10 days to be available.
There doesn’t appear to be any major blockers but if anyone knows a better place to keep track of the progress it would be welcome.

P.S. When it’s released on Tumbleweed and you have any bugs/questions, please create a new topic. :white_check_mark:


The interesting bit for me is the improvements in efficiency. My main machine is already sufficient for my humble needs, even without the upcoming hardware acceleration, and every further step in that direction gives my system more endurance. When planning for a solar-powered life off grid that is something to celebrate.

Thank you for reporting! Can’t wait to try Gnome 46 on my tiny tumbleweed-on-arm device.

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It will be sooner than you think :wink:

Build20240320 has been published and will soon be available for download. It includes GNOME 46 -


That is a lot faster than I expected, thanks :smile:

Should I be able to download it if it’s Published? Or is there one more step left?

@ernstp zypper -vvv dup


Had to tweak extensions I use and add 46…

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Not yet for aarch64, though.

My strategy was “wait for Malcolm to post, then zypper dup” :slight_smile:
No fancy extensions here, as smooth as silk so far (compare to KDE :wink: )

# System Details Report

## Report details
- **Date generated:**                              2024-03-22 11:58:29

## Hardware Information:
- **Hardware Model:**                              ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. N551JW
- **Memory:**                                      16,0 GiB
- **Processor:**                                   Intel® Core™ i7-4720HQ × 8
- **Graphics:**                                    Intel® HD Graphics 4600 (HSW GT2)
- **Graphics 1:**                                  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M
- **Disk Capacity:**                               250,1 GB

## Software Information:
- **Firmware Version:**                            N551JW.209
- **OS Name:**                                     openSUSE Tumbleweed
- **OS Build:**                                    (null)
- **OS Type:**                                     64-bit
- **GNOME Version:**                               46
- **Windowing System:**                            Wayland
- **Kernel Version:**                              Linux 6.8.1-1-default

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Every new Gnome release I am astounded how fast the Tumbleweed Team is.

I should know it by now as I use Tumbleweed since Gnome 42 but it still surprises me every single time.

Thank you all for the amazing work! The best computer experience I have ever had since I started using PCs in the mid 1990s.


Quite surprised how fast Gnome 46 hit the repositories. The update went quite smooth though. Some extension shenanigans were expected, so I tested them out in a virtual machine first and gladly got all of the issues sorted out before I could proceed with upgrading the host system.

As I‘m running Tumbleweed on my gaming machine, I am very excited to see VRR finally landing in Gnome. Really amazing work!

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I have an issue after the upgrade. The system always asks for my Administrator password:
“Authentication is required to set the system time”

Also, I introduce the password, It goes back to ask me…

The RDP connections work fine, but when you start a YouTube playback music, the music is listened to on the desktop speakers too. It is not only in your remote connection as happened in Windows. So, you cannot work with them.

Your question would get more visibility and responses in its own thread. :white_check_mark:
Hope you solve it! :wink:

Finally got to try Gnome 46 on my tiny aarch64 SBC. First impression is that it is indeed snappier.

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Finally got the upgrade to Gnome 46 on Slowroll. Smooth upgrade, thanks to everyone who made it possible :hugs:

Not sure if the wallpaper is new, but I like the abstract look :sparkles: