Gnome 3 on Opensuse: My compliments to the chef!

Just wanted to post up and thank those responsible for making Gnome 3 on Opensuse such a joy. I’ve been using it for a while now, and in spite of how new it is, and how Opensuse is perceived as a KDE distro, I’ve had no bother at all with it. In fact I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so I’ve moved to Opensuse as my main OS. Thanks!

I had been using Ubuntu for some years; since 2007 in fact, and I’ve always enjoyed it. But sadly, in recent times it’s been very buggy for me. I don’t know if it’s my hardware, or me, or just that they aren’t fixing the more glaring bugs, but for whatever reason it’s been less fun to use for about a year or so, and I knew I would have to switch somewhere. It really hit home when trying out 11.04 with Unity. I quite like the idea of Unity (though I’d tried Gnome 3 beforehand and Unity didn’t match up imo), but I just couldn’t use it when X seized up at every boot, or the themes kept randomly changing, or so many other simple but silly bugs ruined it. Such a shame.

Opensuse was a bit of a stab in the dark for me, as I’ve never really strayed too far from DEB. But it’s is so fast and easy to use, it made it a complete no-brainer, especially coupled with the excellent Gnome 3 so well integrated.

So gushing over. :slight_smile: My thanks again to those who made it so cool. :cool:


I have also percieved openSUSE to be a very KDE-heavy distro. Allthough, I am really digging the new Gnome3 desktop experience!!
Great job everyone!

I full heartedly support the title. This coming from a 10 years+ KDE user. A big hand to @malcolmlewis and the people from the openSUSE GNOME Team.

I just installed Gnome 3 and i think it is a very intuitive desktop.
Yes, you can not adjust everything but mostly there is no need to do it.
So far i can say, that it is quite nice and a fun ride for me. But i am well aware that not everyone will like it.

I just wonder if you can operate it via touchscreen. :slight_smile:

Just installed Gnome 3 and it looks great. Well done.
Cheers. Ray

Wow 10 years? That’s a long time bro.


Tried Gnome 3 at Fedora, but it was a huge disappointment, there were too many bugs.
OpenSUSE worked like a charm from the first second!

Nice to see so many people feeling the same way as me. I’m telling anyone who’ll listen that openSUSE is better than the others, and especially so when it comes to Gnome 3, which is still blowing my socks off. I’ve seen some negative videos on YouTube about Gnome 3, and when I check which systems they’re running on, it’s the same culprits, Ubuntu and Fedora, and it always surprises me to see how buggy they are with Gnome 3. I would have negative things to say too if mine was running like theirs. But it isn’t, because on openSUSE it’s just so amazingly fast, solid and trouble free.

If you’re reading this and your Fedora or Ubuntu with Gnome 3 is bugging out, then please consider openSUSE. To me this is the best place to enjoy this brilliant DE, and is currently Linux’s best kept secret imho. I can’t stress enough how amazing it’s been for me. I’m so looking forward to seeing what the devs do with Gnome 3 in the future, and I’ll be sticking here for some time to come.

And here we have more insane people praising Gnome 3, honestly I must be one of the few people around who actually likes having customization in their OS.
I dont get it, and I never will

I’m a bit confused about that stance, DancingMadRB3. Gnome 3 is only just starting its (hopefully long) life, and customising options are beginning to come through on Gnome-Look. I fully expect there to be a wealth of cosmetic options available on Gnome 3 in the future, so this is not an area that worries me at all. I will add though that I love the default Gnome 3 theme, and have only felt the need to tweak it slightly so far. I added the power off button, and made the icons slightly smaller for my desktop. That’ll do me until more options become available. :slight_smile:

On Sun, 19 Jun 2011 16:36:02 +0000, DancingmadRB3 wrote:

> And here we have more insane people praising Gnome 3, honestly I must be
> one of the few people around who actually likes having customization in
> their OS.
> I dont get it, and I never will

Watch yourself - we don’t particularly like personal attacks, and calling
people who like something you don’t “insane” is getting pretty close to
violating that part of the terms & conditions of using these forums.

Keep it friendly.


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There is not real Gnome thread, so i am posting it here.
My experience with Gnome 3 is fine. The install process is good, although there seems to be errors in the install routine.
In my case, i needed to install it 3 times. One of my problems was that i installed Nvidia drivers and wanted to go back to the Nouveau drivers. Well, screwed up and so i rather installed it new.
Everything works right out of the box. There may be options missing, but overall everything is easily accessible.
I had my system running in about an hour and everything worked.
There is, however, the period where one has to get used to the new environment and need to learn how to get program a or b. But once that is done and inherited you feel home.

One thing i did not like was the appearance of the desktop as it fills with little a lot of screen. I tried to change the fontsize, but it just looked horrible and unreadable.
The new font does look nice, but the rendering was sad. At least if i compare it to KDE. I think there needs to be something done.
The other critic i have (to the Gnome project) is that the desktop crashed a lot and at random. In my view, it looks like that the Gnome-shell is actually crashing and Gnome 3 is still working. This does not happen to everyone it appears. But i got told by a Gnome developer to use the Nouveau drivers instead of the Nvidia as they are making less problems.

Yes, there are people that complain about how Gnome changed it to the worst etc…
I think that a new user will be most beneficial of the desktop layout. Most people complaining are people that use a desktop for years, maybe decades.
It is different and one has to get his head around in how to work with it. But i could not find any indicator that i can not work with Gnome 3. It does work and your non function Windows key has now a purpose.

So in the end, i think it is a great desktop and if some of the issues are ironed out, it will be even greater.
The lag of option did not bother me at all. And there is still a tweak tool which reminded me of Windows, which had its own tweak tool.

One of the biggest points though, is the integration into openSUSE and i think it was well done. So i like to thank everyone who made it possible to be able to enjoy it with 11.4. This was a real accomplishment. :slight_smile:

Well I can tell you I am using the Nvidia proprietary driver, and have had no problems at all with Gnome 3 and it’s various effects. In fact, it’s been more stable for me than Compiz has ever been in all the years I’ve experimented with it. Maybe I’m an unusual case, but other than an issue with a shell-extension in the repos I’ve had no problems, and it has been plain sailing all the way. The Gnome 3 interface may be different, but it’s not difficult to use imho, and is a country mile ahead of Unity in terms of user-friendliness and attractiveness. All imho. :slight_smile:

I don’t think everyone has the problem. But it made problem on my pc. I still will wait until the next version in hope that these beginning problems are solved.