GNOME 3.0 not starting anymore?


So i have been running GNOME 3.0 for a while, and after hmm i guess some update it gives me a “oops” message and i cant use it… I have tried to create a new user and start a new X using gnome-session from console. But it aint working either. So i dont think its any ~/.config/ issue…

anyone experience this? When i start a new X from the console, i Do see some stuff about JS errors… not sure if it has anything to do with this.
I use Tumbleweed, Tumbleweed GNOME and GNOME Apps repositories among some others.

Im just not sure where to go from here?


hmm after googling even further, i found a thread where it was adviced to remove ~/.config/dconf/user …
ill try that and see what happens, when i get home.

yes, removing ~/.config/dconf/user did the trick. Now GNOME is running again :slight_smile:

Not for me. Gnome 3 complains about an error that can be fixed…