GMP install questions

OK, apparently I was not as far as I thought I was.

I do the whole;

make install

Everything runs and then finishes with no errors, but nothing installs.

I am trying to install gmp 4.2.4

I think you mean 2.4.4

Why not just install it from the repos? I think the latest version in the repos is 2.4.5

It’s much faster and easier than trying to compile it from scratch.

To install from the repos simply go to YaST->Install Software and search for gimp. Check it off, and click apply and you’re done :slight_smile:

Also, you can simply type

zypper in gimp

as root and gimp will be installed.

In order to compile directly from source, you must have all the build dependencies, gcc and make installed, but I assume you’ve installed that because you said you received no errors :wink:

Hope it helps

What wrong with the version that comes with openSUSE 11 4.2.2? It only
installs the libraries, in your case it would be /usr/local/lib. I’m
guessing you ran it all as root user. You can build everything you need
as your user, then use sudo to run make install.

If you look at the INSTALL file, it does say to run make check :slight_smile:
openSUSE uses the following convention for configuring gmp;

../configure --prefix=/usr --libdir=/usr/lib --infodir=/usr/share/info
--build=i586-suse-linux --disable-mpfr --enable-cxx
make check
sudo make install

Note in my case --build is for the 32bit version, 64bit would be

I suggest you look at running make uninstall and then selecting your
programs via YaST.

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There is gmp and gimp two different programs…

@OP, which program is it…

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Thank you for all the feedback guys. I really appreciate it.

I understand there are much better/ quicker ways to do it, but I am still confused as to why the way I was doing it did not install it?

Any advice or ways to check to see if it was really installed or why it didn’t?