Global Keyboard Shortcuts not working

Running openSUSE 11.3 (fully patched up to date) with KDE 4.4.4

I’ve got a problem with Global Keyboard shortcuts.
Print Screen for calling kSnapshot works OK. All other shortcuts I declare on my own
don’t work :frowning:

For example I use the Menu Editor (right klick on kicker), select the Dolphin application from the list, select the advanced tab on the right to declare Meta+Alt+H as the shortcut. Save the changes and exit.
Trying the shortcut doesn’t bring up Dolphin, nothing happens at all.

Looking into Personal Settings, I can’t see the new Global shortcut listed for the khotkeys component. khotkeys is running when looking into the Session Manager.
What could be a miss? I really want this to work as I’ve grown quite used to my shortcuts over the years.

Never mind. I used the Input Actions instead to set up the shortcuts I wanted.
Seems to work just as good.