Git client that doesn't require git to be installed?

Is there a git client that doesn’t require git to be installed? Every client I’ve found so far requires the binary “git” to be installed on your system and is simply a wrapper to that. Does anyone know of an actual standalone git client?

Maybe it might be more clear if you state exactly what your objective is (ie What objection do you have to installing GIT?)

Most people just want something that works, and works reliably. If you have a different wishlist, it might be helpful what that might be and the reasons behind your special requests.


What Tony said. What exactly is your objection to installing git?

If you look at the history of git, most C based binaries are based on the original C source. Reimplementations in other languages are few, the Java one would be one, probably the Mono/C# one.

Try jgit (From eclipse project) JGit - Download