gimp menu bar disappeared


for some reason, the gimp menu bar disappeared (is not the toolbox, is the horizontal menu in the top of the window).

I have tried uninstall and install again, but didn’t work


many thanks

At the risk of stating the obvious…

Is the menubar enabled? See:


Yeap, the menu bar is enabled.

See if it’s a problem with the gimp settings, temporarily rename ~/.gimp-2.8 (assuming V2.8, otherwise substitute your version number).

Try with a new user profile.

Nothing yet :frowning:

So neither reverting to default gimp settings (by temporarily renaming ~/.gimp-2.8) or creating a new user profile, solves the problem.

Is that the only application to have “lost” it’s menubar? I’m at a loss as to suggest what else to try. Perhaps Google or another forum user will come to your rescue.

Yeap, just Gimp. Thank you

Yesterday I unchecked the menubar boxes as indicated by tannington just to see if that was the problem. Opened an image, menubar still there.

Today I restarted Gimp (it’s usually always loaded, I’ve disabled the “Close” button in advanced window props) and the menubar was there, as usual.

But, when opening an image, the menubar is gone. If I close the image but not gimp the menubar reappear over the empty image area. If opening an image from the context menu (regardless of gimp being loaded or not) the image opens without menubar.

So I went to preferences and ticked the menubar checkboxes again, and restarted gimp. Now it’s working as before.

Note that this is still using oS 13.2, KDE 4.14 and Gimp 2.8.16 from repo. Gimp is set to use the fixed layout, not floating windows.

I installed GIMP 2.9 version but the problem remained there.

Today I noted that the menu bar in TuxGuitar also disappeared.

Whilst I’m still unable to offer a solution, and not knowing what desktop environment you’re using…

I wonder are you, or have you, used a Global Menu at some time.

There are a few bug reports relating to that, this for example:

Hi, I’m using GNOME.

Now in “pybliographic”. I reported as a bug.

I think that is some GTK problem, because everyday I find a new application with this problem.

The problem was “unity-gtk-module-common”

I installed this library for gpodder, but it was the problem