So I wanted to know if there are any apps out there that can work on Linux and use/create former actual Ghost images. For instance, here at work, we have a couple of images we use for all of our initial system setups. Nothing special. However, I’d like to work in my system with just Linux. I still would need to be able to run some type of imaging software that can use the Ghost images already created and throw them on new systems.

Likewise, when I go to create an image backup of a computer to be destroyed/severely modified, I would need to make the images in a Ghost compatible format so my coworkers can work with them if needed in the future.

Is there such a software available in Linux… preferably free of course.


Do you mean like:

Take care to also install using a file system your image software can handle… most do ext2/3 and reiserfs. LVM and other fs types can get trickier…

If you are using a recent version of Ghost you could probably use it just as well for Linux, ext3 looks like your safest fs option : Ghost compatibility with Linux

Have you seen this project : (Ghost4Linux)

This might also give some insights : Good Things To Know When Imaging Linux To Different Hardware

Partimage is also a good OSS alternative & if you want Spartan style… go dd :wink:

Happy imaging!